Hi, I am Shreyansh

I use design thinking to help businesses build great products.

Bitmoji of Shreyansh Kotak Waving

UX Design

Using tools like Figma & Adobe Creative Suite, I create user-friendly products. I conduct research to understand user needs and business goals, define product features, and marry visual design with prototyping to design the right products for businesses.

Design Systems

I help businesses build design systems to manage designs at speed and scale. It enables businesses to have visual consistency across products and alleviates strain on design resources to focus on larger, more complex problems.

Webflow Development

Using my knowledge of Design and Development, I build powerful and great looking websites using Webflow. Did I mention I am a certified Webflow expert?

Graphic Design

I help businesses translate complex information into compelling visual messages. Using tools from the Adobe Creative Suite, I craft beautiful visuals by combining text and graphics.