Hi, I am Shreyansh

I use design thinking to help businesses make great products.

Bitmoji of Shreyansh Kotak Waving

UX Design

I use Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite to create user-friendly products that align with both user needs and business goals. I understand user needs and business objectives, and create visually appealing designs. I then bring those designs to life through prototyping to deliver the right products for businesses. I'm able to create products that truly make a difference by combining my design skills with a focus on user experience and business objectives.

Design Systems

I help businesses create awesome design systems that let them manage their designs quickly and easily. With a good design system, businesses can make their products look consistent, and their designers can focus on more important stuff. I'm an expert in this stuff, so I can help businesses streamline their design processes and make better products faster.

Webflow Development

As a certified Webflow expert, I use my knowledge of design and development to build powerful and visually appealing websites. With my expertise in Webflow, I am able to create websites that not only look great, but also offer robust functionality and user-friendly experience. My knowledge of design and development can help businesses succeed by creating a website that truly makes a difference.

Graphic Design

I help businesses turn complex information into easy-to-understand visuals. I use the Adobe Creative Suite to create beautiful graphics that combine text and images. With my experience in the space, I have helped businesses make infographics, posters, and presentations that engage and educate their audience. My visual communication skills can help businesses succeed.